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About us

The story of how I ended up here is purely a God story. In summary, I had plans for my life, and God’s plan were different. After my dad died, I found myself trying to discover my purpose. I found myself constantly living for the weekend, and I felt like I was just wishing my life away. I knew there was more to life for me than that, but I didn’t know what. Fast forward five years, and I’m now living for the weekend for different reasons – now I get to spend my weekends being part of some of the most special days. For you, your wedding day is probably the most important/happiest day of your life, and I am so thankful that I get to be part of it.  May 13, 2016 (Friday the 13th) was the day my life changed forever. That was the day that God gave me the push I needed to follow my dreams. It took a few weeks to accept that God’s plan was now the new plan. It was scary, and there were so many unknowns, but I trusted. Five years later… here I am! 



I'm Heather, and I'm a terrible dancer. I'm also a terrible singer, but I put on a killer concert when I'm in the car. I have 10 kids, but don't worry... they're all nieces and nephews. The only child I have is furry and has four legs. His name is Louie. Aside from living that Dog Mom/Aunt Life, I love to travel. Life is short, and I want all of the adventures and experiences I can get. Unlike most people, I hate spring and summer. Give me cool fall days and cold, dreary winter days. Naps and margaritas are two of the best things about being an adult. I'm blunt, opinionated, and one of the most friendly people you'll meet. 

The Details… 

Mom has always had a passion for catering. She has catered and done cakes my whole life. She actually got started right after I was born. She decided that traveling for work with a newborn wasn’t very feasible. Most kids learn how to crawl then walk. I think I learned how to crawl then set a table then walk! I earned my title of “Mommy’s Helper” at a very young age. Fast forward about 25 years, and the time finally came for Mom to turn her passion into a career. Mom quit her job and went full time on January 29, 2016. I am so thankful that I have been able to help her live her dream. I absolutely love working with Mom. She is so many things to me, and I’m so lucky that “Business Partner” is one of those things. I’ve said all of that to say that the cakes and catering portion of our business is Mom’s passion. The good food and pretty cakes… that’s all her! 


I found a love for wedding planning back in college. It started as day-of coordination and blossomed from there. I started dabbling in florals with my aunt who has decades of experience as a florist. That’s when I found it… my passion. I am the type who thinks about the “long term” all the time. I pretty much have plans A-Z for everything. The truth is, Classic Catering and Events will not last forever. When Mom is done or leaves this earth, it will go with her. I have no desire to do catering when she is gone, but I will pursue my passion in florals and do that through Once Upon A Bloom.

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